Premier League Top 10 Young Players

Premier League is always exciting and it is not just about the game or the players. At a league like this, it needs more than Premier League odds, game and skilful players to make everyone excited about the game. When it comes to Premier League, we are talking about unique young players.

Young Talents at the Premier League

Young talents have always made the league more interesting to follow. Through history, lots of talented young players have proven themselves at the game. Many of them finally made their success through the game. That’s why many expect that at this current league, there will be many to come.

The birth of talented young players

It looks like many football fans will be cheered up this season. Some talented young players are expected to play during this season. Here are some of them:

Jonathan Leko – West Bromwich Albion, 17 yo

Jonathan Leko played an amazing match against Liverpool last season. With his skills, many people expect he would repeat the same success this season.

Ben Chilwell – Leicester City, 19 yo

Graduated from the Leicester Academy 2014/2015, Ben Chilwell possesses unique set of skills, that many believe will make this competition a lot more interesting.

Oleksandr Zinchenko – Manchester City, 19 yo

A young player with astonishing records, Zinchenko will surely bring something special to the field.

Reece Oxford – West Ham United, 17 yo

He may be young, but more than enough to send Arsenal ashamed of their skills.

Joe Gomez – Liverpool, 19 yo

His excellent performance successfully brought him as Charlton’s best player, 2 years ago. He is expected to bring Liverpool grab another title this season.

Timoty Fosu-Mensah – MU, 19 yo

After recovered from his injuries, Timothy played excellent matches with Manchester United. It is also because of his skills that made him a renounced player.

Jerome Sinclair – Watford, 19 yo

Many football fans believe that Jerome Sinclair will bring Watford to grab their title this season.

Kelechi Iheanacho – Man City, 19 yo

A young player with huge motivation and amazing talents, Kelechi successfully saved 14 goals for Manchester City. It’s more than enough to let your enemies keep your name.

Lewis Cook – Bournemouth, 19 yo

With his excellent performance, Cook is expected to bring an amazing play with his teammates.

Marcus Rashford – MU, 18 yo

Marcus Rashford is the only among other young players whose popularity has skyrocketed recently. He has even scored 8 goals from his 18 matches.

Will there any surprise?

These young players certainly bring their own colours to the Premier League. They may lack in experiences, but no one should doubt their skills and motivation to play. It is more than enough to see them coming as the future football stars. When the world is looking for more than just a legend, these young players rise to the world with their unique set of skills.

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